Passing the torch

Final President’s Address

Wayne FongTime surely flies when you’re having fun! Such has it been these last two years as President of the Ascend Greater Washington Chapter. As I prepare to step down to make way for the newly elected President, I’m very proud of the Executive Board and the many accomplishments achieved together as a team. We’ve increased the number of volunteers, developed and executed new programming for career levels, expanded our corporate sponsorships and partnerships, and increased our brand awareness in the Pan Asian community.

I would like to thank all our board members, past and present, for their tireless hours and unwavering dedication to the mission of Ascend and our local community. Without their guidance and leadership, we would not be one of the most active and respected Ascend Professional Chapters in the country. Thank you also to all of the volunteers and members who’ve helped to plan and execute our programming throughout the year. The Ascend Greater Washington Chapter could not have had the success we’ve experienced without the initiative, drive, and genuine grass-roots effort you brought to our organization.

I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication and hope that we continue to surpass expectations in years to come. Thank you again!

Wayne Fong
President, Jan 2015 – Jan 2017
Ascend Greater Washington

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