IAG Sessions

** IAG Programming Brochure **

Keynote Plenary Session 1
“Leading the way to a Connected Future”
Today’s workforce is changing fast due to various changes in technology, diversity, culture, politics, and much more. Today’s leaders are constantly working to keep up with business trends while tomorrow’s leaders are trying to figure out a way to get ahead of them. This session will focus on experiences and lessons that can empower, enable, and enhance your ability to achieve those goals.
Keynote Plenary Session 2
“Driving Growth and Innovation”
Whether public sector or private sector, growth and innovation are essential to any business model. How do you stay relevant? How do you continue to inspire creative solutions? In this information dense age that where data flows and floods rapidly, the ways you parse through the noise to effectively drive forward and upward is the key differentiator among industry leaders. Listen in on how you can can stay ahead of the curve.
Leadership Talks
“AspirAsian to DestinAsian”
Hear from this dynamic panel of leaders how they have navigated their careers from early aspir-Asian to their current destin-Asian sharing their perspectives around diversity, inclusion, and organizational cultures. Hopefully, you will gain valuable insights on professional success, personal satisfaction, and reinvestment in the Pan-Asian community.
Entry Level Session 1
“Communicate for a Better Future
Knowing how to be both culturally sensitive and generationally cognizant is critically important in today’s business landscape. This interactive session will focus on effective messaging and listening across various backgrounds that enable a higher productivity and help you avoid unnecessary conflict or misunderstanding.
Entry Level Session 2
“Step into the Spotlight”
Creating and protecting your brand requires self-awareness of current capabilities and knowing where you want to guide your career. This session will help you define a strong personal brand and placing yourself in positive light driving expectations to be in a better position for future opportunities.
Mid Level Session 1
“Navigate the Winding Road Ahead”
Industry leaders place significant value on a person’s ability to quickly evaluate complicated conditions to make tough decisions and stand firm with the decisions that are in the best interest of all parties involved. You will be provided with decision frameworks to help organize thoughts, discern facts, and gain confidence in decision-making abilities.
Mid Level Session 2
“Brighten Your Network”
Too often a great deal of time is spent managing “situations” and “crises” rather than creating a positive work environment that is driven by solutions. During this session, you will examine ways to improve strategic planning and productivity by strengthening relationships to achieve peak performance in the workplace.
Senior Level Session
“Be a Beacon, Elevate, Empower”
Organizations rely on senior leaders to be present, be visionaries, and provide guidance on the best course of action. This session will serve as a platform for you to openly discuss challenges with the appropriate levels of speaking vs listening and delegating vs doing, while developing future Pan Asian executives.